Ruralite Assistant Editors Jennifer Brown and Brandon Pomrenke and Ruralite Editor Leon Espinoza share a large print of the inaugural California Water & Power cover. Photo by Ethan E. Rocke

California’s publicly-owned utilities gained a powerful new communications tool, thanks to a partnership between Ruralite Services and the California Municipal Utilities Association. Ruralite Services launched California Water & Power magazine, a quarterly publication for CMUA, in early 2018. The summer issue arrives next week.

“California Water & Power will be the go-to source for news, information, and thought leadership about what’s happening in our rapidly evolving industry,” says CMUA Executive Director Barry Moline. “Water and power issues have never been more visible or more discussed in California. It is the perfect time to introduce a magazine giving our members a voice in the conversation.”

Each issue features stories on water and energy, Q&A interviews with key industry players, a section for utility news, a recurring feature on technology and research, case studies about successful projects, and more.

“We expect California Water & Power to quickly become a must-read on energy and water issues not just in California, but across the U.S.,” says Ruralite CEO Michael Shepard.

Print and digital magazine versions are distributed to CMUA members, state regulators, policymakers and legislators, and other key influencers and industry stakeholders. CMUA produces California Water & Power’s editorial content; Ruralite helps with content and directs the magazine’s design, production, and distribution.

Read the latest California Water & Power issue.

A Powerful Partnership

CMUA and Ruralite are natural teammates. Both organizations have worked for decades to advance the interests of community-owned utilities. 

CMUA’s 55 member agencies provide water to 27 million people and power to 9 million people. Ruralite provides consumer-owned utilities with customizable magazines, websites, and other services. Efficiency Services Group, a subsidiary of Ruralite Services, has a long history of partnership with many CMUA members. Questions about the new magazine? Email Leon.