Are you ready for National Cooperative Month and Public Power Week?

Communication is the heart of every utility. From the latest industry news and efficiency standards to outage notifications, information is constantly flowing to consumers. In October take time to communicate what makes your utility special during National Cooperative Month and Public Power Week. Here are a few ways you can liven up your communications to the community and employees.

National Cooperative Month


  • 7 cooperative principlesMake a connection: Having a booth at a local farmers market or festival shows your utility is embedded in the community. Share co-op facts, energy-efficiency tips, and logo giveaways.
  • Principle pride: Proudly post the 7 cooperative principles in your office. Check out our custom “7” starter kit including a social media graphic, cover photo, and full-page principles design. Want to print the design, put it on a mug or have your staff sport a custom t-shirt? Shop several “7”-branded options at CafePress, or get in touch with us.
  • Co-ops supporting co-ops: Are there other co-ops in your community? Identify co-ops near you and encourage your consumers and employees to #ShopCoop.
  • Get social: No need to stress about October’s social media planning calendar. Get ahead with this specially designed package. Connect with the co-op community on a national level with hashtags #CoopMonth and #CooperativesBuild.
  • Host an open house: Fulfill the fifth co-op principle (Education, Training, and Information) by inviting your community to attend an informational open house. Mix it up with a screening of the documentary, “100 Years of Cooperation,” celebrating seven co-op stories from across the country. Sign up to host a screening, and find more videos.

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Public Power Week

October 2 to 8, 2016

  • Use social networks: Take a picture of your public power employees and share it on social media with hashtag #PublicPowerWeek.
  • Hand over the facts: Use a Public Power Fact Sheet as a monthly bill stuffer or add the link to your monthly emails.
  • First-person perspective: Ask a lineman to share what it takes to be a lineman. Present it in long form, or craft 1 or 2 paragraphs from multiple linemen. Share via social media or email, or make a catchy design and display them in your office.
  • Open house at the office: Public power is a local product. Invite the community to visit your offices to learn more about your operation and meet staff members.
  • Communications campaign: Let Public Power Week lay the groundwork for a year’s worth of education for your consumers. Check out the American Public Power Association’s Pride in Public Power campaign and use its tools to educate consumers about the benefits of public power including safety, reliability, community beautification, and more.

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Industry Events

These celebrations are the tip of the industry-holiday iceberg. Want to stay on top of other industry events? Learn more about our social media support program.

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