Marketing Tips

Are you planning strategic stories for 2022? A communications plan reflects what (and when) different audiences should hear about utility efforts. Filling communications channels with planned, strategic content prevents magazines, social channels and advertising efforts from being taken over by reactive messaging. 

Utility Pioneer Pam Spettel shares four steps for finding strategic stories:
1. Identify Story Categories
2. Support Shared Goals
3. Measure Potential Impact
4. Celebrate Value

Get these ideas and download our new 2022 planning guide on our best practices blog.

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Making Sense of Mail Changes

Making Sense of Mail Changes

Posted By on Oct 5, 2021

Last week mail delivery made headlines again. As Winnie the Pooh might say, “Oh, bother.”

Starting this month, some mail will now take a few days longer to arrive as the postal service adopts less robust standards. While this is good for the general public to know when mailing holiday and birthday cards, utility communicators should take note, too. 

Your publishing team at Pioneer, helpers on any blustery day, are ready to help you navigate the ongoing postal changes and manage rising mail costs. Learn more about how the changes might impact you on our blog.

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Celebrations are fun! We’ve got free communication tools and snack ideas to help you celebrate Customer Service Week, Oct. 4-8. But after you put all the party favors away, how do you keep your employees engaged with the brand, connected to the customer journey and satisfied in their role the other 51 weeks of the year?

We asked Utility Pioneers to share examples of employee engagement that you can use to build stronger ties (and better stories) with your staff. Get inspiration on our best practices blog!

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After Northern Wasco County PUD and Efficiency Services Group teamed up to switch out lightbulbs and encourage other efficient changes, the community saved 291,561 kWh. That’s enough energy to power 24 homes for a year!

Efficient lightbulbs, high performance showerheads and smart power strips generated four times the kWh savings per dollar spent compared to NWCPUD’s other efficiency efforts.  

Learn more on our best practices blog about how the two-year partnership began by targeting small, rural communities then expanded to support energy savings for all NWCPUD consumers. 

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When I talk to utility staff about the customer journey, I often see a few puzzled faces. Customer journey? Do electric members take a trip when buying broadband service?

Customer experience is everything in our industry. The road between being interested in broadband and signing up for service may be long and cluttered with scenic route options, construction delays and pit stops. What happens at each step of the journey?

We break down the customer experience into five stages: awareness, evaluation, purchase, retention and advocacy. Learn about each stop on our best practices blog, and don’t miss our new podcast miniseries, “Journey: Exploring the Customer Experience.”

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