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After Northern Wasco County PUD and Efficiency Services Group teamed up to switch out lightbulbs and encourage other efficient changes, the community saved 291,561 kWh. That’s enough energy to power 24 homes for a year!

Efficient lightbulbs, high performance showerheads and smart power strips generated four times the kWh savings per dollar spent compared to NWCPUD’s other efficiency efforts.  

Learn more on our best practices blog about how the two-year partnership began by targeting small, rural communities then expanded to support energy savings for all NWCPUD consumers. 

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When I talk to utility staff about the customer journey, I often see a few puzzled faces. Customer journey? Do electric members take a trip when buying broadband service?

Customer experience is everything in our industry. The road between being interested in broadband and signing up for service may be long and cluttered with scenic route options, construction delays and pit stops. What happens at each step of the journey?

We break down the customer experience into five stages: awareness, evaluation, purchase, retention and advocacy. Learn about each stop on our best practices blog, and don’t miss our new podcast miniseries, “Journey: Exploring the Customer Experience.”

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Building Your Social Legacy

Building Your Social Legacy

Posted By on Jul 6, 2021

“What if you were hit by a bus?” You’ve probably heard this dark hypothetical posed as a challenge to future-proof your utility. Have you ever asked yourself that same question specifically in regards to your utility’s social media succession planning? 

What happens to your social media presence if your communicator has an emergency or retires? We share a few ways to keep utility social accounts secure and plan for the future on our best practices blog post.

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To celebrate National Camera Day on June 29, we asked Courtney Cobb, one of our favorite utility pioneers, to share tips for catching great shots of lineworkers. Courtney shares five tactics she’s used to build a solid lineworker image library at Central Electric Cooperative in Redmond, Oregon:
1: Know your lineworkers
2: Bring treats 
3: Change your perspective 
4: Block out time
5: Ask for the shot

Learn how Courtney puts each of these steps to work for her co-op on our best practices blog.

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With constraints in budget and time (not to mention the expertise needed to master advanced production techniques), how can you create professional-grade audio for event or program promotions and other content you produce in house? If you plan to add more video to your content mix, the right equipment can solve many of the challenges you face when capturing audio.

Whether you’re recording voice over for promos, launching a podcast for consumers or laying down a narration track for explainer videos, your newest best friend is the Shure MV7. Here’s our review of this handy mic for utility communicators.

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This week many of us should be kicking up our heels in Nashville, Tennessee, scooting through idea-packed sessions, CONNECT-ing with peers and finding fresh storytelling approaches for shared challenges. Instead, we’re meeting virtually. 

I appreciate online meetings as a way to fight inspiration isolation. But after 16 months of virtual learning, some managers might question the need for a travel budget. To prove the value, we share three reasons in-person meetings matter:
1. Faces Keep Us Focused
2. Hallways Spark Inspiration  
3. Brainstorms Rarely Form Alone

These ideas are not alone; there are countless face-to-face learning perks. Learn more and share your ideas on our blog.

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