The colors you pair with features and marketing materials are more than a design feature. They draw (or drive away) the eye, impacting how readers feel about your utility.

I’ve written about the importance of color choice before, and I want to share a website that’s become my go-to color generator: Coolors.

Ready to explore colors and draw your readers’ eyes? Start with meaning.

Color Choice

Color is important for magazine spreads, websites, and more because it’s an attention-getter (besides images). It’s often a starting point for readers, so it’s always good to start out strong with solid, meaningful color choices.

A nice feature of Ruralite magazine’s 2020 redesign is the ability to change the color of the magazine logo to complement the cover image. Covers are designed by Pioneer editors. If you have an idea for a color you’d like to try, talk to your editor.

Pioneer Utility Resources picked blue for our 2019 rebranding in part because the hue translates as progressive and forward-thinking. It was nice to be ahead of the curve when Pantone made Classic Blue (19-4052) the 2020 Color of the Year.

Want to understand how other colors may impact consumers? Hubspot has an infographic highlighting the psychology of color. Who knew orange is considered cheaper than other colors, while green can mean both hope and stagnation?

Once you choose your dominant color (and the message you want to convey), it’s important to complement your choice. I use Coolors to expand my palette and add depth to my designs.

How Coolor Works

Coolors is available as a website and iOS app. Pick a prominent color and plug it into Coolors. Hit the space bar and Coolor will find several colors that pair with the original color you entered.

You can lock the main color so you don’t lose it, then keep hitting the space bar until you see a complementary color you like.

Features include:

  • Save your favorite colors into a library for easy access.
  • Create a color palette from a picture.
  • View how your colors appear to readers with eight types of color blindness.
  • Explore popular palettes by style and color.
  • Create a color palette from a picture.

Play around with Coolors and let me know if you need more info.


Graphic Designer Duy Mai helps design monthly magazine pages and available refreshes logo designs and creates campaigns for Pioneer members. Our portfolio showcases examples of his work. Want to work with Duy? Let us know!