Central Electric's Book, "Generations"Jeff Beaman and Courtney Linville of Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) worked closely with Pioneer Utility Resources to commemorate the co-op’s 75th anniversary in central Oregon. The 64-page book, “Generations: Building Lines, Changing Lives,” includes treasures such as the July 17, 1940 telegram approving a loan to build the first 245 miles of line, early advertisements, and hand-written notes from the co-op’s first board president detailing early days at the utility.

Courtney wrote the book and worked with Jeff on initial copy changes and editing. The team hired an outside contractor for another round of edits. Then she and Jeff collected historic and modern-day pictures. Courtney worked closely with a local historical society to do the labor-intensive work of scanning and restoring all of the cooperative’s historic photos and documents. The images were sent to Pioneer on a DVD.

Pioneer Utility Resources Assistant Editor Jennifer Paton edited the copy a final time. Graphic Designer Duy Mai designed a timeline to highlight important milestones. Editor Mike Teegarden made the final selection of pictures, designed the book and handled printing. The finished book contains historic photos and details the many stages of the cooperative through the decades.

Although Jeff made one visit to Pioneer Utility Resources’ Hillsboro, Oregon, office during the project, most of the work was done collaboratively by phone and email.

View a sample from CEC's Generations Book (PDF)