Blachly-Lane LogoNeed to freshen up an iconic logo?

Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative Member and Public Relations Manager Pam Spettel wanted a contemporary spin on her co-op’s logo without straying too far from the current design. The logo of the Eugene, Oregon-based utility is iconic, so Pam said she did not want a brand new look or feel.

Pioneer Utility Resources Graphic Designer Duy Mai kept the design close to the original but with two helpful updates:

  • A cleaner font was selected. The font was purchased for the co-op, which means Blachly-Lane Electric can use the font in advertising and other communication channels to better establish the brand.
  • Distracting vertical lines were removed.

These design choices helped Blachly-Lane Electric update their look without making the new logo unrecognizable. A companion logo celebrating the co-op’s anniversary was also created during the refresh process.

“Our trusted [Pioneer Utility Resources] designer perfectly captured our co-op’s ethos because he already understood our brand,” says Pam. “The start-to-finish timeline was efficient, and the cost came in significantly under budget. And our 80th anniversary logo is the bomb!”