Anniversaries are an important part of life, and they deserve to be celebrated. They are more than dates to show you survived another lap around the sun. They create a timeline that defines your history and creates markers that allow you to measure successes and promote your experience and leadership within the industry.

Regardless of whether your utility is celebrating 25 years of service or is approaching the century mark, landmark anniversaries provide opportunities to write your history and tell your own story — a story that cultivates loyalty and trust within your customers and establishes your company’s history and weaves it into the fabric of the region you serve.

A Cohesive Campaign

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (FTC) in Rainsville, Ala., turned 65 in 2019. The landmark event presented multiple opportunities for the cooperative to boost its brand image, and FTC took full advantage with a coordinated anniversary campaign to promote the cooperative and increase brand awareness.

The theme for FTC’s annual meeting that year was a celebration of 65 years of progress. The cooperative built excitement for the event with a “65th Anniversary” icon that was designed and added to meeting invitations and mailed to all members. The anniversary icon was also prominently displayed on the meeting agenda, door prizes, and all literature regarding the event. FTC also commemorated the occasion by providing those who attended the annual event with a $65 credit.

FTC Certificate

At the meeting, members heard about the role FTC played in the growth and progress of the region. This provided multiple ways for the cooperative to highlight its long history of loyal service in its bi-monthly Connected magazine.

In the ‘manager’s column,’ Chief Executive Officer Fred Johnson set the tone by highlighting the company’s historical transition from a telephone company in 1954 into the modern, fiber-focused telecommunications company of today.

Fred Johnson Column

FTC also included a feature article in the magazine about the annual meeting, which provided yet another opportunity to promote FTC’s role in 65 years of progress. The article also allowed FTC to emphasize the benefits of fiber broadband and the myriad ways fiber is fueling the future.

FTC Annual Meeting

Logos All Year Long

A customized logo is an excellent way to commemorate a landmark anniversary all year long. The commemorative logo emphasizes your experience as well as promotes your brand’s longevity and stability, and reminds members of your experience and history of service.

Appalachian Electric Cooperative in New Market, Tennessee, celebrated 80 years of service in 2020 and created multiple commemorative logos to mark the occasion. They used the logo throughout the year to promote themselves as a committed and experienced member of the community.

New Hope Telephone Cooperative in New Hope, Alabama, designed a commemorative logo to celebrate their 65th anniversary.

Laurel branches are a traditional symbol for victory and honor and inspired the phrase to “rest on your laurels.” Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative capitalized on this by using laurel boughs to mark their 80-year history of service to the Fredericksburg, Va., region.

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, which serves about 22,000 members near Dothan, Alabama, turned 80 in 2019. They wanted to highlight their experience with a special logo.

Opportunities Everywhere

Without searching too long, you can find many other opportunities to turn longevity into a promotional idea that attaches loyalty and trust to your brand. Anniversaries can be the foundation to promote your company in annual reports, advertisements, community events, and much more.

Like annual meetings, annual reports provide a great opportunity to promote your company’s commitment to the region and highlight the decades of experience you bring to your customers. Ben Lomand Connect in McMinnville, Tennessee, highlighted their 65 years of providing top-notch service and cutting edge innovation to its members in its 2018 Annual Report.

The design promotes Ben Lomand Connect as a leader and innovator within the telecommunications industry.

Ben Lomand Connect also used space on the back page of their Connection magazine to promote the landmark anniversary.

The bottom line is there are myriad ways to turn anniversary into opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to boost your brand and promote yourself as a trusted industry leader with decades of experience serving your community. Your customers will notice.

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