Want to take your employee orientations up a notch? Share your story with Prezi.

Public Relations/Communications Representative Mark Owens at Jackson EMC (visit the Jackson EMC website) in Jefferson, Georgia, teamed up with Pioneer Utility Resources Content Marketing & Development Manager Megan McKoy-Noe to design a fun, fresh approach to sharing the co-op’s history at employee orientations.

Prezi Presentation Platform

Jackson EMC Prezi presentation on laptopThe Prezi presentation platform was chosen as a creative PowerPoint alternative.

Prezi allows you to:

  • See an entire presentation at a glance
  • Zoom in to frames (similar to slides)
  • Move diagonally, side-to-side, or in and out as needed
Visit the Prezi Website

Jackson EMC’s Timeline

Jackson EMC’s timeline Prezi blends the co-op’s proud 78-year history with more recent innovations and growth. At the start and end of the session, staff are reminded of the co-op’s vision and mission statements. The 20-minute presentation aims to get staff excited about working for Jackson EMC while boosting general company knowledge.

Megan built the timeline using industry knowledge paired with research from Jackson EMC’s annual reports and website. Images were sourced from NRECA’s image library and Jackson EMC’s large collection of original artwork. Frame animation and questions keep the presentation interactive.

To support the presentation, Megan wrote a presenter guide with talking points for each frame. The final product can be viewed or presented online; the utility also received a downloaded version.

View the Jackson EMC Prezi presentation

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