When a measure to deregulate the electricity system in Nevada was proposed, Wells Rural Electric Co. (WREC) used its magazine, social media, and other platforms to address its concern about the Energy Choice Initiative.

Magazine Content

magazine pages from WRECFull-page testimonials were published from other organizations, such as AARP and the Nevada Mining Association. Clay Fitch, CEO of WREC, used the back page of the utility’s monthly Ruralite magazine to present its position and urge members to vote. Full pages emphasized the impact of the upcoming choice.

Social Media Content

social media content from WREC with bold statisticsPioneer Graphic Designer Duy Mai used the existing WREC color palette for a bold look. “We went with quotes and statistics they felt would resonate with their readers,” says Mai.

Video Content

Pioneer produced a short informational video emphasizing the message used throughout the campaign.

The Result

vote no on number 3 contentOn November 6, 2018, the measure was defeated, with about 67% voting No. “Given the importance of the issue for our members and consumers statewide, we knew it was essential to find the right partner to help us communicate as effectively as possible,” says Garrett Hylton, director of member communications at WREC. “As always, Pioneer delivered in a big way.”

Are You Ready?

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