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As part of Pioneer’s team of utility storytellers, I partner with broadband service providers to launch services and expand into new markets. Change whether from competition, technology updates or marketing capabilities always plays a part in our planning. While outlining Utility Pioneer content strategies for 2023, our team uses market trends to inform our approach to storytelling. 

calix logoCalix, the leading broadband electronics provider and a Go To Market Partner with Pioneer, released a market research report, “The Marketer and the Broadband Service Provider: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” (get the full report here).

The report provides competitive analysis of next-generation business and technology solutions for Utility Pioneers who deliver broadband access, with a focus on providers with 100,000 or fewer subscribers — most of the utilities our co-op serves. 

A quarter of surveyed utility marketing goals focus on building a brand, while 18% of messages aim to add subscribers. Most survey participants — 67% — identified the best path for competitive growth as infrastructure partnerships with other utilities. As a communications co-op, we love hearing so many of our telco and electric members are looking for ways to work cooperatively! 

Digital services are on the rise, but what does that mean for you? We found three key takeaways you can use to strengthen your story and help increase your take rate. 


1. Grow in the Cloud

Planning to grow? Aim for the sky… with cloud-based marketing tactics. We work closely with several utilities to develop targeted advertising campaigns, taking advantage of user data and location-based advertising options. The cloud’s quickly becoming a dominant force in marketing efforts. The report found the most common cloud-based tactics used by broadband service providers are: 

  • Digital marketing (57%) 
  • Subscriber loyalty programs (45%)  
  • Social media marketing (40%) 



2. Expand Broadband Benefits

Instead of focusing on access as the main selling point, internet providers prioritize marketing use cases ways to expand on broadband service to makes life better. The top priority use cases are: 

  • Managed Wi-Fi (46%) 
  • Home network cybersecurity (45%) 
  • Device security (45%) 
  • Professional home-monitored security (42%)  



3. Target Key Audiences

Only 9% of surveyed utilities pull social media data to create targeted audience lists. Instead, they continue to rely on traditional approaches, including: 

  • Bandwidth data (33%) 
  • Manually managed email lists (27%)  
  • Potential lead tracking (27%) 

Our team provides monthly reports including valuable campaign metrics and results, as well as a summary of all the optimizations and insights from the previous month. If you don’t use audience lists yet(!) consider adding them to your content strategy.  


Build Your Broadband Story 

Are you prepared to manage your community’s broadband expectations? While every broadband project is a little different, we are committed to helping you stand out, no matter what challenges you might face. Based on these findings, your utility needs a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy, grounded in proven consumer behavior and sound marketing fundamentals.  

Need digital marketing solutions? We can help.  

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