How to Plan for Social Media Succession

By Melissa Shaw

Melissa Shaw

“What if you were hit by a bus?”

You’ve probably heard this dark hypothetical posed as a challenge to future-proof your utility. Have you ever asked yourself that same question specifically in regards to your utility’s social media succession planning?

What happens to your social media presence if your communicator has an emergency or retires? Here are a few ways to keep utility social accounts secure and plan for the future.

1. Assign 2 Admins

The easiest way to keep social media accounts secure is to assign at least two active employees as administrators of each social media network you manage. Reserve this role for critical team members and trusted partners.

2. Use Facebook Business Manager

The best way to future-proof your Facebook and Instagram accounts is to use Facebook Business Manager. The platform is a valuable tool for page management, administrator assignments, targeted advertising, and more.

Follow our guide to set up your utility account. Since Facebook owns Instagram, add those accounts to Facebook Business Manager, too. You can conveniently and securely manage all of your Facebook and Instagram accounts for your utility, including broadband and other subsidiaries, in one place.

3. Add Super Admins on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Facebook have similar administrative hierarchies, but the language they use is different. While “Admin” is the highest page role on Facebook, “Super Admin” is the highest page role on LinkedIn.

We recommend granting two trusted employees Super Admin access to your LinkedIn page. Read more about LinkedIn Page Admin Role.

4. Tweet with Trust

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn make it easy to assign admin roles. For social media networks with a single login, like Twitter, we recommend keeping your login information secure. Track who has access.

Avoid using a staff member’s personal email address for your Twitter account. Instead, use a company email address (, for example) to make it easier to restore account access, if necessary.

5. Passing the Password Torch

Maintain a secure record of all social media accounts and passwords. Keep a list of who has access and who has admin rights for all of your social channels. Use unique passwords for each account, and update the passwords regularly.

To make sure your accounts are secure, set up multifactor authentication using a utility email address and phone number. Adding this additional level of security to the login process prevents unwanted access.

Pioneer Social Supports Succession Planning

Pioneer Social logoSocial media management platforms like Pioneer Social allow team members to collaborate without compromising password security.

Using software to manage your social media channels is an easy way to facilitate creation to publishing, all while keeping utility accounts secure.

Once administrators are set up for all of your social media channels, it’s simple to extend access in an emergency or pass the torch when an employee moves on. When an employee leaves your utility, administrator access to company pages should be revoked, and passwords should be updated. (No hard feelings!)

After following these tips to set up your utility’s social media succession, rest easy. You’ve taken the right steps to secure your channels and are ready to handle turnover and respond to emergencies.

Forget about the bus factor and cross the street with confidence. (But still look both ways!)

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