2021 Pioneer Workshop

Focus Forward


Pioneer Communicator’s Workshop

September 27-30, 2020  NEW DATE: September 26-29, 2021
Hallmark Resort in Newport, Oregon

Questions? If you registered for the 2020 date or booked a room that you need to change, Linda Wiseman at lwiseman@pur.coop can help you make the change. If you have any other questions, contact Jennifer Paton at jpaton@pur.coop or 503-718-3719.



Ready to be inspired? Pioneer is proud to announce two amazing presenters for next fall’s gathering on the Oregon Coast.


Lauren Kessler, who has a passion for storytelling and serving community, will lead our writing sessions. Who is Lauren? She is an award-winning author, reporter and narrative nonfiction writer who immerses herself in everything she covers. Oprah and David Letterman have had a friendly book-club duel over Lauren, and she appeared twice on his late-night show. Best yet, Lauren is a huge Ruralite fan—she gets the Lane and Tillamook issues. She’s an experienced presenter who will inspire and offer ways to make your own writing better.



Mark Hirsch, who earned worldwide recognition for his “That Tree” project, which documented a year in the life of a lonely oak tree through images shot entirely with an iPhone, will lead our photography sessions in Newport. Mark, a photographer, artist, and inspiring public speaker, has presented at CONNECT and other industry events, so he knows our magazine landscape. In Newport, you’ll get your own chance to connect and glean his wisdom and hands-on advice, all in an intimate setting.



The full workshop schedule is still being baked. Check back for more updates!