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Do you know what you’re posting on your social channels next month? 

While a hefty part of your social media activity will be power restoration updates and highlighting local faces and events, long-range planning is the backbone of a successful social media plan. 

We recommend sitting down once a quarter to jot down upcoming events, decide which utility programs you need to highlight and plan for graphics to celebrate national holidays. Consider when you want to promote scholarships, rebates and other important messages. Tie these priorities to industry events or relevant holidays to boost awareness. 

Take time to jot down important events throughout the year. Planning ahead gives you time to develop strong graphics and posts. 

To help get 2023 off to a great start, here’s a list of broadband and energy-related events throughout the year. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find ways to work more efficiently, try Pioneer Social 

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We understand the importance of creating a strong social media presence. Pioneer Social’s team of electric and broadband industry experts can help you design content to energize communication efforts, expand your messaging influence and enhance the experience for your consumers. Subscribers gain access to content libraries with broadband and electric industry content, publishing tools on Pioneer Social’s management platform, targeted advertising, reporting and — most importantly — peace of mind. 

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Social Opportunities in 2023  

January: Blood Donor Month, Mentoring Month       

  • Jan. 10: Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Share a list of ways your consumers can save.  
  • Jan. 19: Get to Know Your Customers Day. Invite your consumers to stop by your office for a treat and coffee. Post a live video from your event and take photos.

February: Black History Month,American Heart Month 

March: Credit Education Month, Women’s History Month, Nutrition Month 

April: Lineworker Appreciation Month 

  • April 16: National Volunteer Week. Highlight community efforts! 
  • April 18: National Lineworker Appreciation Day. Looking for ideas to celebrate? We share ideas on our blog paired with free social and print ads in Pioneer Studio. 
  • April 18: Tax Day. What energy tax credits can your members count on? Let them know with a reminder post a week or two before.  
  • April 22: Earth Day. Highlight renewable energy supplied by your utility and/or recycling efforts. 
  • April 28: National Arbor Day. Spotlight tree-trimming practices and right-of-way program/guides. 

May: National Electrical Safety Month 

June: National Safety Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Dairy Month 

  • June 18-24: Lightening Safety Awareness Week  
  • June 20: World Wi-Fi Day 

July: National Park and Recreation Month 

August: National Water Quality Month 

  • Aug. 1: World Wide Web Day 
  • Aug. 11: 811 Day. We have a library of free content to help prevent suicides in Pioneer Studio. 
  • Aug. 23 – Sept. 1: World Water Week  
  • Aug. 24: National Hydropower Day 

September: National Wilderness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, National Preparedness Month 

  • Sept. 12: Video Games Day. It’s a great time to market gig service to gamers! 
  • Sept. 30: International Podcast Day. Celebrate by following The StoryConnect Podcast, and be sure to tell us about your utility podcast, too! 

October: National Cooperative Month, Energy Action Month, Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

November: Native American Heritage Month 

  • Nov. 8: STEM Day. It’s a great time to highlight education programs your utility supports or showcase broadband technology for students. 
  • Nov. 16: National Rural Health Day offers the chance to spotlight local hospitals and the way they use broadband to deliver service. 
  • Nov. 25: Small Business Saturday 
  • Nov. 28: Giving Tuesday. Does your utility have Operation Round-Up or a similar grant program? Thank members who give, highlighting the amount invested in the community to date. 
  • Nov 30: Computer Security Day


  • Dec. 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities 
  • Dec. 11: National App Day 
  • Dec. 14: Energy Conservation Day 

Next Steps 

Knowing what’s coming is the first step. Creating posts and graphics to talk about these industry events is next. Let us help. Pioneer Social does the legwork for you. Schedule a demo to learn more about how we support Utility Pioneers like you. 

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