Crisis communication plan? Check. Network of friends who can help if you lose power? Double check. Storm season’s coming, and Utility Pioneers are gearing up for a windy ride.

June marks the start of hurricane season, predicted to be more active than usual. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects up to 21 named storms in 2022, with up to six developing into major hurricanes.

pioneer utility services iconWhile we can’t predict when or where a storm might strike, we’ve got several tools to help you weather the storm.

Coping with a Crisis (eBook)

To help you prepare for hurricanes, wildfires, snowstorms and other types of extended outages, we share best practices in Coping with a Crisis.

The publication offers insights from battle-tested communicators who survived losing critical communication channels during 2018’s Hurricane Michael. It also features crisis communication plans from Oregon, Nevada and Florida, with handy tools to strengthen your plan.

Social Storms (eBook, webinar)

How often do you think of outage messaging from a consumers’ perspective? Anna Politano, director of public relations and communications at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, took this task to heart. She wrote her graduate thesis on what needs drive consumers to engage with a utility during an outage. We partnered with her to turn her thesis into an eBook, Social Storms. Anna shared highlights from her research in a webinar (watch the recording in our archives)

Peer Perspectives

If you lost all communications after a hurricane, would you be ready? The steps you take before a crisis hits can make a big difference with how you cope in the aftermath. We often ask Utility Pioneers what they wished they’d done before a crisis. Here are highlights from our blog, podcast and case studies.

Pioneer Studio Hurricane Kit

Whether you’re a telco or an electric utility, we need similar support when a storm strikes. Pioneer’s team of utility storytellers drafted a set of press releases, safety messages, educational articles (watch versus warning, understanding storm surge) and more than 20 graphics to help tell your story before, during, and after a hurricane strikes. The content is free to download at

June 22 Webinar: Weathering Social Storms

When Hurricane Ida hit last September, Pioneer Social members saw almost 500,000 engagements as members followed news on the storm and restoration efforts. 

Social media activity spikes during a crisis. In our June webinar, Pioneer’s VP of Digital Solutions, Melissa Shaw, moderates a panel of utility communicators to talk about tools and messages to have in place before a crisis hits, then how to manage consumer questions during an extended outage. Register here.

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Need backup? We’ve got you.

Pioneer Social logoWorried you’ll be overwhelmed? We hear you. Pioneer’s TwoFourSeven Response Program can help, adding eyes and ears to your team so you can stay on top of social media questions and updates during a crisis… and during your summer vacation, too. Schedule a call with Melissa today to learn how our team can support you before a crisis strikes.