The editors at Pioneer Utility Resources are storytellers. If you ever have a meal with one of us, prepare to hear lots of stories — we can’t help ourselves. Some stories come from our own experiences, and some are from the many we read every day in our magazines. The well is deep. 

Here are five of my favorite magazine stories from 2022. 

1. Giddy Up and Ride, by Katelin Davidson

Big Bend Electric  

Rodeos are exciting, and the cowboys and cowgirls who compete are exceptional athletes. The Rascal Rodeo gives people with disabilities the chance to experience the roar of the crowd and the thrill of competition. The brainchild of Ann-Erica Whitemarsh, Rascal Rodeo began as her high school senior project. This year, 17 rodeos were held in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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2. A Lingering Impact, by Dianna Troyer

Lincoln County Power 

The Nevada 200 Trailride put Caliente, Nevada, on the map for off-road motorcycle riding. Riders in the Nevada 200 have used it as a training ground for taking on larger challenges, such as the grueling Baja 1000. The racers also fuel the local economy as hotels fill up and restaurants do brisk business for all the support crews and spectators. 

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3. Driving Past the Present, by Drew Myron

Hood River Electric & Internet 

The Oregon Nisei Veterans of World War II have been remembered by the naming of Oregon Route 35 in their honor. But this is more than a story about a sign dedication. Drew delves into the history of the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during World War II and how, despite the bigotry shown to them, they valiantly served their county. Side note, the main source of the story, Linda Tamura, was my second-grade teacher.  

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4. Capturing the Mystery, by Franklin Thurlow

Panola-Harrison Electric 

I’m a photographer first, so this story about Robert Miller, who specializes in photographing Caddo Lake on the border between Texas and Louisiana, got my attention. The lake is picturesque. Robert uses a long lens and a 13-foot tripod to tease out moody scenes. Fog is often an element of his photos, adding an other-worldly glow. He even does senior photo sessions on the lake at night, but you should read the story to see how that worked out.  

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5. Six Tips for a Successful College Experience, by Cortney Owens

Escambia River Electric 

I love service journalism, stories that make your life better. As the parent of two teens, I learned a few helpful tips my kids can use. This story is full of ideas to help high school students make the grade in college, and the people giving the advice are college students themselves.  

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Hope you got some ideas from these stories.

I’m willing to bet there are similar stories to be found in your service area if you know where to look. 


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