As Americans prepare for Independence Day with fireworks, parades and all things red, white and blue, another event takes place around the world that we should also be celebrating with just as much gusto.

Saturday, July 2, marks the 100th International Day of Cooperatives. This year’s theme, Cooperatives Build a Better World, mirrors the theme of the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives in 2012.

The International Cooperative Alliance calls on cooperators and partners around the world to get ready to celebrate #CoopsDay. Resources to help your co-op celebrate are at

“Co-ops Day offers all of us a chance to celebrate our business model and the way cooperatives, by working together to meet shared needs, make a positive, meaningful difference,” says Pioneer CEO Michael Shepard. “As a communications co-op we plan to spread this message and share stories highlighting this cooperative milestone.”

Pioneer’s been a co-op since it was founded by utility leaders in 1956. Over the last year we’ve taken extra steps to strengthen our co-op identity with our more than 140 member-owners (electric co-ops, telcos, public power districts and related associations). 

  • We’re returning a record $457,000 in patronage to members this summer. If you meet eligibility requirements and haven’t completed our online membership form, please take a minute and complete it now so you can take advantage of this tangible co-op benefit in 2023.
  • We secured a new website domain that reflects our cooperative pride, In the next few weeks all staff emails will use the new domain, too.
  • Our 2021 Member Report highlights the co-op advantage and how we partner with our members to meet goals.

Embracing Our Co-op Identify

Could you use a local agency to develop a magazine or market your broadband program instead of working with Pioneer? Sure. But because the cooperative spirit is part of our DNA, we instinctively know how to incorporate our shared principles into your communication campaigns. And we are always willing to share the lessons we’ve learned over the years. 

For example, our commitment to education and training means we invest a lot of time creating best practices for utility storytelling.

All of this support is free, as a way to make life better for telco and electric utility communicators. Which is why we totally support the global #CoopsDay theme and encourage you to do the same on July 2, 2022!