The story of Pioneer Utility Resources, a communications co-op owned and led by community-owned utilities across the nation, has grown.

Over the last few years the co-op became a stronger tool to help you:

  • Develop your story
  • Support solid storytelling
  • Share your stories

pioneer utility services iconWe call our members Utility Pioneers because they are not afraid to forge new paths, build innovative ways to share their stories, and connect to the communities they serve.

At our 2022 member meeting, we shared how our co-op meets common challenges of Utility Pioneers across the nation with innovative solutions and shared resources. Our annual report videos showcase voices of Utility Pioneers and Pioneer’s team of utility storytellers.

Pioneer Utility Resources' 2021 Member Report

Built to Share Your Story

  • Pioneer’s magazines are a vital tool for sharing utility and broadband stories with more than 1 million rural Americans some months. We launched both new brands and strengthened existing consumer publications in 16 states.
  • Our Powerful Web program helped 33 utility and broadband organizations launch dynamic websites last year.
  • Pioneer’s digital campaigns drove 8.2 million impressions in 2021, creating more than 33,000 clicks for our members and clients. That’s a rate almost 6 times better than the national average.
  • NEW: Pioneer Studio allows utility communicators to choose from more than 400 pieces of marketing and communications collateral, customized with a click.
Built to Support Your Story

As your story evolves, Pioneer’s communication tools are ready to meet new needs. Throughout 2021, we continued to merge together the best parts of the support services offered individually by ARC Media, Pioneer and WordSouth.

  • Utilities enrolled in Pioneer Social saw a total of 97,426,531 impressions, an increase of 7.4% over 2020. Pioneer Social’s 5.4% engagement rate far outpaced the national average of 0.07%.
  • Pioneer’s TwoFourSeven social monitoring team stationed in Hawaii, Spain, England, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia and Nevada monitored more than 196,000 social media comments in 2021.
  • NEW: The TwoFourSeven Response program for broadband utilities will arrive by 2023.
  • As more cooperatives allow online membership elections, Pioneer Votes is well-positioned as a trusted voting platform. We’ve added instantly customizable content promoting your annual meeting and online voting through Pioneer Studio, and a new Pioneer Votes interface debuts in late 2022.
  • We supported Utility Pioneers with eight broadband utility campaigns and new brand launches in 2022.
  • Pioneer’s staff helped WK&T Telecommunications document damage and communicate through a crisis when a deadly tornado devastated Mayfield, Kentucky.
  • The Efficiency Services Group team continued efforts to support BPA utilities in the Northwest adapt to pandemic conditions by shipping thousands of customer care kits.
Built to Develop Your Story

Pioneer takes the fifth co-op principle, Education, Training and Information, to heart. We help communicators at utilities and broadband providers across the nation develop stories.

  • Our NewsData team of independent journalists starts each day with the goal of delivering news and information about energy markets that you can’t get anywhere else. In 2022, NewsData celebrates 40 years of covering energy news.
  • Customer service training, energy efficiency training and broadband basics training adapted to changing guidelines and our in-person events like NewsData’s conferences, StoryConnect Conference and Communicators Workshop were all postponed or restructured.
  • Pioneer’s team tapped into webinars, podcasts, blog posts and ebooks to help Utility Pioneers develop stories. Our website,, was redesigned to focus on story-building ideas.
  • Expect new opportunities for support from our team as we pair account managers with editors, social media staff and efficiency team representatives to identify other areas where our team can provide solutions for challenges facing Utility Pioneers.
Questions? Please Ask!

“Thank you for trusting us to share, support and develop your story. We look forward to continuing to serve you so you can shine in your communities.”

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