Last week we reached out to Pioneer Social subscribers to explain some of the changes Meta (the new name of Facebook’s parent company) is rolling out across Facebook Business Pages. As your communications co-op, we wanted to share the news with all Utility Pioneers, too.

I’m going to share with you what we know about these changes and what questions we don’t yet have answers to.

The Big Headline

Facebook is actively rolling out a change to business pages. They are calling this the “new Page experience,” and it will gradually replace what they are now calling “classic Pages.”

What We Know

  • Facebook is rolling this change out in a staggered fashion. Not everyone will see the change happen at the same time. Of the 150+ Pages on which I’m an administrator, only two have changed to the new Page experience so far.
  • Facebook says that the new Page experience will be simpler and easier to navigate.
  • Your existing ads will not be affected at this time.
  • Your existing Page information, posts, and other details will not change.
  • Your Page layout should look simpler in the New experience, making it easier for your consumer-members to find your hours, location, and other key information.
  • Switching between your personal Facebook account and your Page should be easier now than before in the mobile app.
  • Once you make the switch to the new Page experience, the posts you publish to the new Page will not appear on your classic Page. However, all posts from your classic Page should carry over to your new Page experience.

An Important Change

On classic Pages, you had both Fans and Followers. If you’re like most of our utilities, your emphasis was on gaining Fans, not Followers. When you accept Facebook’s invitation to move your page to the new Page experience, however, it will be your Followers (not your Fans) that move with you to the new Page experience. In other words, if someone has liked your page but not followed it, these Likes will not transition to your new Page.

Things We’re Still Exploring

There are a few things we’re still learning more about. Some include what insights may change in the transition, how Page Roles will adapt, and what exactly it means for you that your Page can now join community Groups.

In our experience, Facebook changes like this one often begin as optional and are later mandated. While we don’t yet know when or if Facebook will mandate that Page owners transition to the new Page experience, we are here to guide you along the way.

As we learn more about these changes, we will share information with you. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your account manager or feel free to contact me directly.

We’re here to make your job easier. We’ll do our best to navigate these changes with you.

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