Free National Lineworker Appreciation Day Resources

By Megan McKoy-Noe, CCC

Sample lineworker appreciation toolsThe world got a lot smaller last year. As our nation quarantined, the importance of reliable power and rural broadband access took center stage. Are you ready to honor the men and women working on power and telco lines to keep life connected?

As your communications co-op, we’ve created free communication tools for April’s National Lineworker Appreciation Day.

The resources share a theme:
Keeping Life Connected.

The customizable tools include:

  • Print ad
  • Draft manager message
  • Social media video (two sizes)
  • Social media graphics (four versions)
  • Draft social media posts

Get your free lineworker appreciation toolkit:

Pandemic Party Ideas

How can you celebrate lineworkers post-pandemic? If you can’t host a lineworker breakfast inside your office, consider a drive-thru breakfast for lineworkers, on the dock, or on a spool in the pole yard.

As lineworkers leave the utility in the morning, they can pick up a bag filled with a breakfast sandwich, energy drink, and snack bars, or candy bars for later in the day. Add a banner by the station to say thank you, and consider having your general manager or board members staff the social-distanced event.

Social media is another great way to share lineworker love. We include a print ad and several social media graphics in our lineworker support. Use our images — sourced from your peers! — or replace the images with pictures of your crews.

Brainstorming more ways to celebrate? The Pioneer team gets excited when we talk about celebrating lineworkers. Past blog posts share several more ways (and free graphics!) to honor the heroes on your lines:

Save the Date(s)

When do utilities celebrate lineworkers? Every year there’s confusion about the dates, which makes sense. There are a lot of options! Personally, we’d like to champion 2021 as the Year of the Lineworker(!). But if you want to be specific, here are the facts.

Since Congress designated April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day, utilities across the nation take time to #ThankaLineworker. Resolutions have been introduced in Congress to set a firm annual date, but no action has been taken. Here are the 2021 celebration dates:

  • April 12: Celebrated by many electric co-ops. Always falls on the second Monday of April, per a 2014 NRECA board resolution.
  • April 18: The date marked by Congress in 2013 and still celebrated by some utilities.
  • July 10: The Edison Electric Institute, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Utility Workers Union of America and the National Electrical Contractors Association salute lineworkers on July 10.
  • Some states have specific celebration dates. For example, Florida municipal utilities celebrate in August. Ask your statewide association if there are regional party dates!

More Resources

NRECA shares an annual planning guide with sample social media posts and celebration ideas. This year they added a thank you note for mini-members to send lineworkers, which we think is adorable. NRECA members can download support materials (planning guide, print ad, social media images) and get a draft editorial, too.

Share Your Ideas

We’d love to let other utility communicators hear about your lineworker celebration plans! Share ideas below or email them to us.