Forget resolutions. Start a More Powerful Together Revolution!

We’re kicking off the new decade with more than resolutions. Let’s continue a revolution in the way we engage consumers with new More Powerful Together tools.

2 years ago Pioneer and Northewest Public Power Association (NWPPA) teamed up to help our combined members boost utility and consumer connections, becoming More Powerful Together. This week we added a fresh set of print ads, editorial, staff news story and social media content to our consumer communication toolkit.

The new headline, “MORE than reliable. Flexible.,” focuses on how utility staff are energy experts, partnering with consumers to craft flexible solutions to meet local needs. Fresh materials include:

  • Editorial: Flexible Energy Pay Options. Why are paying for food and paying for energy so different? Use this leadership editorial to promote your average billing option and/or pre-pay program.
  • Print ads: We provide different sizes of the ad to fit your needs (full page, half page, quarter page and sixth page). Use the image we provide or customize the image and text to feature one of your consumers using a flexible payment option.
  • Social media: Seven messages, tailored for either Facebook or Twitter, focus on flexible bill pay options offered by your utility.
  • Staff news: Need help finding the right consumer stories to share? Use this story, More than Employees: Energy Experts, to engage staff.

more powerful together print materials

MORE Coming

We’re delivering a new annual meeting script in February and then one more set of materials arrives in April (headline: MORE than people. Potential.). This gives you a total of 16 powerful, consumer-focused headlines to pick from in 2020. These timeless resources are free for our members.

Each headline comes with a supporting editorial, several print/digital ad sizes, and social media support. Need a theme for your next annual meeting? Consider it done. Start saving time and engage consumers with the More Powerful Together revolution today!