Inside the Magazine: January

Posted on Jan 17, 2019

January often represents a time of new beginnings. Let’s see what doors are opening for our members in their pages of Ruralite, Florida Currents and Currents magazines.


Feature Examples

Use local features to keep members up-to-date on upcoming projects in the community. Lincoln County Power District No. 1 (NV) caught our attention with a 2-page spread previewing their new headquarters, chock-full of energy efficient technology. Craig Reed’s article for Midstate Electric (OR) details the expansion of a clinic, set to serve several rural communities. Consumers Power (OR) highlighted how the Corvallis Boys and Girls Club built a new facility with a medical and dental clinic for high schoolers. Dianna Troyer wrote about the positive impact a new grocery store had on local residents for Wells Rural Electric Cooperative (NV).


Share Packages

Resolve to delight readers with your own slice-of-life stories. Courtney Cobb chronicled how one woman overcame unforeseen challenges during an electric vehicle trip. Umatilla Electric Cooperative (OR) shared an uplifting story about a former member’s memorable interaction with an employee.

Readers appreciate tips and tricks, from preparedness to efficiency. Clatskanie PUD (OR) walked us through their power restoration process with an eye-catching infographic, accompanied by preparation advice. Escambia River (FL) broke down an entire year’s worth of saving by month, then shared safety resolutions to protect your home and family.


Back Pages

Several utility managers started 2019 with messages of progress. Hood River Electric Cooperative (OR) General Manager Libby Calnon informed members of upcoming meetings as well as ways to cut energy waste. Back pages can also be used to announce staff changes; Barrow Utilities and Electric Cooperative (AK) announced a new superintendent, while Northern Lights, Inc. (ID) paid tribute to a retiring manager. Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AK) informed members of construction activity to expect in the year to come. The back page can be a powerful communication tool to keep members informed.


Ready for Inspiration?

Click the links below for more magazine content ideas:

Important: If you are interested in reprinting any of the features in the share package, you should contact the communicator at the utility that published the feature for permission. We include a list of the utilities’ phone numbers and contact people who have examples in the share package.
Interested in reprinting a feature? Contact or your editor.

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  1. I wish to nominate my husband, Virgil Wassmuth, for your volunteer Hero award.
    Virgil Wassmuth has volunteered teaching gun safety for 40 years during school hours so 3000 kids could get their hunting license or learn how to disarm a gun while babysitting.
    He included all aspects like archery, handling different guns, hunting rules, survival. The kids loved the class and learned a lot.

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