The first signs of spring are here, as well as the March issues of Ruralite, Florida Currents, and Currents magazine. Let’s look at how our members are using their local pages.

Feature Examples

Inspire readers to look ahead and embrace new technology, both on the ground and in the sky. This month Dianna Troyer wrote several stories about drone pilots in rural communities. For Lincoln County Power District No. 1 in Nevada, Dianna profiled a drone pilot with skills ranging from wedding photography to search and rescue (PDF). Troyer reported on a Nevada retiree and Wells Rural Electric Co. member who uses his drone to seek potential mining sites and find lost pets (PDF). And last but not least, an Idaho pilot Troyer highlighted for Raft River Electric Cooperative uses his drone to help care for cattle (PDF).

Looking to the future also means investing in leaders of tomorrow. Three Oregon utilities are spotlighting youth in stories this month. For Wasco Electric Cooperative, Drew Myron wrote about youth cooking classes (PDF). Craig Reed highlighted students who create art displayed in local markets (PDF) for Midstate Electric Cooperative. For Tillamook PUD, Denise Porter discussed the joys gardening can bring to children (PDF).

Share Package

There are plenty of ways to save energy and money as the vestiges of winter fade. In Oregon, Consumers Power shared how rebates and advice help members save (PDF), with a bonus 2 pages of energy-saving ideas (PDF). On Oregon’s coast, Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative addressed high bill concerns with an explanation of heating fluctuations in colder months (PDF). In Florida, Escambia River and Glades Electric gave tips to save energy with DIY projects (PDF) around home. Readers appreciate seasonal tips that can save money.

Be proactive when it comes to safety. Susan Parrish reminded Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative members to protect their homes from the threat of wildfires with periodic maintenance (PDF). After an earthquake, Michael Rovito, director of member and public relations for the Alaska Power Association, wrote of his experience and the importance of being ready before disaster strikes (PDF). You can never be too prepared.

Back Pages

The back page is perfect for delivering valuable messages. Several Oregon utilities, including Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative and Douglas Electric Cooperative, face potentially costly legislation (PDF) and urged members to get politically involved (PDF). Nevada’s Lincoln County Power District No. 1 and Washington’s Ohop Mutual Light Co. also talked about legislation that could affect members (PDF).

Ready for Inspiration?

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