As a longtime news desk guardian, I’ve shared 6 things to consider when writing a press release (Part One | Part Two):

  1. Make It Personal, But Don’t Take It Personally
  2. Know Your Target And Know Your Audience
  3. Three Simple Words: What’s The Headline?
  4. Give Me The Goods
  5. Can You Hide the Pickle?
  6. Explain it to Me Like I am a 6-Year-Old

I’d like to offer 3 last things to think about as we work together to get the public power story out to the masses.

7. If at First, You Don’t Succeed…

If you are putting your best foot forward and building good media relationships, but do not get immediate results, don’t give up. Sometimes, it’s a process of planting seeds, watering the garden, and waiting for the flower to sprout.

8. Always Know Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing…

… and be able to explain it. If the goal is to press the press for attention, you need a well-thought-out plan. Know why you are pitching a particular story, why it matters, why it should be told, and who benefits. You can—and should—spell this out clearly.

9. Appeal to Their Better Angels

Almost nobody in the news biz does it for the easy hours, high pay, or lack of stress. Instead, journalists who have survived the upheaval of recent years are trying to provide something of meaning and value.

That means you shouldn’t hesitate to bank on this do-gooder gene. Appeal to the idea that your story will serve a greater good, if properly handled and told. And that just might seal the deal.

What Works for You?

I’m not the only utility communicator with a journalism background. Many of you worked the news desk before joining our industry. Have a tip of your to share? Add it in the comments below. Thanks!