6 app logos: Adobe Spark, DropBox, Slack, Chatfuel, Magisto and Videolicious.

Your phone is only as smart as your apps. I’m always on the hunt for apps to help educate my phone(!) and lighten my workload. I overheard utility communicators mention 6 apps recently. Some, like DropBox, I’ve used for years. But others–Adobe Spark, for instance?–have surprised and delighted me. You might be surprised, too.

Spotlight: Adobe Spark Video

I use Adobe Spark Video at least once a week, whether it’s to create a packing list for our workshop or to share updates from my daughter’s co-op preschool. I’m not alone in my love of this app. Joel Myer at Mason PUD 3, Washington, used Adobe Spark Video to share how his utility helps prevent forest fires.

Adobe Spark Video turns live photos from your iPhone into perfect 3-second videos. Trust me–this is huge. You can login on your desktop and create a template with your preferred font and utility color scheme. Add your logo or utility name as a watermark for the entire video, and design a custom credits slide at the end of each video with your logo and website address. And if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you get all of these perks for free.

Is the app perfect? No. It’s only available on iOS and desktop; Android users are out of luck, for now. Some browsers don’t work as well as others, I’ve heard. You can only record a voiceover one three-second clip at a time. Your font selection and sizes are limited. But this is the easiest tool I’ve found for making videos on the go. I’m so happy with it, I’m showcasing the app when I speak about how to feed your social media feed at NWPPA’s Northwest Communications and Energy Innovations Conference on September 17.

Use These Time-Saving Apps to Make Life Easier

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video help you design social media posts, slideshows, and videos. This is All features are free for Creative Cloud subscribers. This includes a set of branded themes with your colors, logo, and font choice. Available on iOS and desktop. Adobe Spark

DropBox: Use to store crisis communications materials (press release templates, graphics, etc.) so you have easy access no matter where you find yourself. Available on iOS and Android; 2GB free storage. DropBox

Slack: Use this workspace app to send one text to different groups for better collaboration. Free version available. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop. Slack

Chatfuel: Getting lots of Facebook messages? Some utilities are testing Chatfuel, an AI bot, in Messenger. Free. ChatFuel

Magisto: Pick your images, video length, style, music, and a text overlay. Magisto creates the movie. Available on iOS and Android. Free. Magisto

Videolicious: Easily add a script and pick images to show as you talk. Add logos, watermarks, and music, too. Available on iOS and Android. Free; $10 a month for more editing features. Videolicious

What’s Your Favorite App?

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