Ruralite Services honors lineworkers by highlighting industry facts

Most people know the nation’s 117,600 lineworkers are on call around the clock. But how heavy are their tools? What’s the record time set for rescuing a hurt man from the top of a pole? Did you know linework is so dangerous, lineworkers wear two sets of gloves to stay safe?

Many utilities celebrate National Lineman/Lineworker Appreciation Day in April. We want to help! And while we love lineman sayings—my favorite is, “If you sent a lineman to the moon, there wouldn’t be a dark side,”—we decided to honor line heroes by sharing some little-known facts.

We designed 3 fact-based lineworker graphics for utilities to share. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics when you celebrate your lineworkers on social media.

Utilities in Ruralite’s Social Media Support Program receive these graphics, too. Subscribers also get a custom Facebook cover image featuring their local linemen and logo. Here’s an example made for our friends at Wells Rural Electric Company in Nevada.

images of lineworkers

Lineworker versus Lineman

To include a growing number of women in the field, in 2018 the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association changed the name of the celebration to Lineworker Appreciation Day, creating the hashtag #ThankaLinewoker. To accommodate both utilities using this new language and utilities who want to stick with #ThankaLineman, we are providing 2 versions of each graphic: one with #ThankaLineman and another with #ThankaLineworker. The #ThankaLineman versions are above. Download alternate #ThankaLineworker versions of each graphic here: Rodeo, Water Bottle, and Gloves.

Save the Date(s)

Since Congress designated April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day, (view the article on the Congress website) utilities across the nation have taken time to #ThankaLineman. Resolutions have been introduced in Congress to set a firm annual date, but no action has been taken. Here’s when utilities celebrate in 2018:

  • April 9: Celebrated by many electric co-ops. Always falls on the second Monday of April, per a 2014 NRECA board resolution.
  • April 18: The date marked by Congress in 2013 and still celebrated by some utilities. Lineman Appreciation Day website.
  • July 10: In 2017, the Edison Electric Institute started saluting the lineworker profession on July 10 to honor Henry Miller, a founder of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Celebration Ideas

Brainstorming ways to celebrate? Look past on our past blog posts, where we’ve shared several ways to honor the men and women on the lines:

More Resources

NRECA put together a planning guide with sample social media posts and celebration ideas. NRECA members can download support materials (press release, print ad, social media images).

Share Your Ideas

We’d love to let other utility communicators see how you celebrate lineworkers. Share pictures/ideas below.