September signals the start of another autumn, a seasonal shift that affects many of our communities. Cozy up with a pumpkin spice latte and be inspired by the latest Ruralite, Florida Currents, and Currents magazines.

Feature Examples

Harvest time is important to many rural communities and a few utilities showcased how to enjoy that bounty year-round. Craig Reed’s articles for Douglas Electric (OR) and Blachy-Lane Electric (OR) highlight the benefits of food preservation for pleasure and business, respectively. Inspire your readers to reap their own rewards.

Seasons aren’t the only change that affects your readers. Dianna Troyer profiled a retiring Wells Rural Electric (NV) board member by reflecting on the history of his impact within his community. Hood River Electric’s (OR) article by Drew Myron shared staff changes and introduced their first female general manager. Your members appreciate being looped in on transitions within your organization.

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Share Packages

Knowledge is power. This month’s Plugged In walks readers through a complete home energy assessment, just in time for autumn. Allison Goldberg’s article for Glades Electric (FL) debunks common health myths, from cracking joints to pesticides in organic food. Once that shopping cart is loaded, keep your fridge stocked to maximize effectiveness, according to Escambia River Electric Cooperative’s (FL) tips on refrigerator efficiency. Courtney Cobb’s piece for Central Electric (OR) touches on electric vehicle industry trends, but resonates with readers by informing them of savings, tax credits, and rebates. These examples are only a sample of effective ways to keep readers informed.

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Back Pages

Manager reports often utilize the back page to relay information about upcoming meetings, emergency preparedness, and residential electrical safety. This month, a few utilities touched on recent wildfires that affected their communities. Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (CA) shared their efforts to assist Redding Electric Utility (CA) after the Carr Fire. Gratitude was offered to members by Anza Electric Cooperative’s (CA) general manager Kevin Short after a fire affected their community. Raft River Electric’s (ID) general manager Kurt Anderson used the back page to warn readers of the dangers of wildfire season. Utilize these examples and use your back page to convey important messages of the season.

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