We often use magazine stories, websites, and other communication tools to encourage consumers to be efficient. Mark Gosvener, Efficiency Services Group’s (ESG’s) chief operating officer, takes energy education a step further. He devoted his career to making energy efficiency easy for everyone.

Mark and other energy efficiency champions were honored this week with 2018 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Awards. The regional awards, presented at Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA’s) December 4 board meeting, recognize individuals and teams for outstanding collaboration, innovative solutions, and significant contributions to advancing energy efficiency in the Northwest.

“Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of the alliance’s work to advance energy efficiency in the region,” stated Susan E. Stratton, NEEA’s executive director. “These award winners exemplify the leadership in energy efficiency that the Northwest is known for.”

A Lifetime of Efficient Service

Mark Gosvener headshot
Mark Gosvener, winner of the 2018 Tom Eckman Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Mark was honored with the Tom Eckman Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Lifetime Achievement in recognition of his 38-year career spent in the development, implementation, and administration of resource efficiency programs for residential and commercial markets.

“Mark Gosvener is an outstanding choice for the Lifetime Achievement award,” says Michael Shepard, CEO of ESG’s parent company, Ruralite Services.  “Among many things, ESG served over 6,000 customers in 2017 who likely would not have been served if it weren’t for Mark’s — and the ESG team’s – desire to serve utilities of all sizes.”

To help utilities of any size connect with consumers, Mark developed and manages programs promoting a wide variety of residential and commercial technologies. But a program alone is not enough.

To help utility staff become energy efficiency advocates, Mark provides extensive staff development training to utility employees in energy efficiency, utility strategy, and customer service.

Mark’s commitment to improving the lives of others goes beyond energy efficiency. He’s also the founder of Ukids, a ministry providing service projects promoting spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. Since 2007 he’s spent much of his free time at an orphanage in Africa. He helps with building improvements, classes, and other service projects.

Efficient Leaders

Mark is one of a dozen energy advocates recognized this week for outstanding service and innovation. The regional energy efficiency community participated in nominations, and a panel of Northwest energy and utility leaders chose the winners. Other 2018 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award winners include:

Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation

Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategy Pricing Data User Group

This team collaborated to create an interactive dashboard to give utility planners, program managers, and implementers access to effectively real-time pricing data for commercial lighting products. The new pricing data dashboard has been welcomed enthusiastically by program teams and is already being used to inform the region’s lighting programs.

The 8 contributors to this group are:

Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Collaboration

This team demonstrated a new type of communication port called “CTA 2045” that is being built into appliances to enable utilities to send signals directly to the appliance to support utility needs, such as energy efficiency and flexible grid operations.

Congratulations to All the Winners!

For a list of all nominees and to learn more about NEEA, read Conduit’s article on this year’s awards.