At the #2017NIC, a speaker challenged attendees to focus on why. Why does the public power model matter? What’s the purpose of what we do? It’s not enough to tell consumers we are affordable, safe, and reliable. That’s how we do our work, not why we do it.

Answering why is the key to engaging communications. It’s also the heart of Ruralite Services and NWPPA’s consumer-focused content partnership. Why does public power matter? Because we are #MorePowerfulTogether.

The first materials were shared with utility communicators in Sacramento, CA last week. The session was streamed on Facebook Live. Miss it? You can watch the recording here. Pictures of the festivities are on Ruralite’s Facebook page.

Every three months Ruralite and NWPPA members will get materials centered around one of four key messages: local, innovative, expert, and driven. Local drives the first set of materials.

More Powerful Together Key Message: Local

October 2017

  • More than a utility. A lifeline. Use this header to highlight community grant programs, efficiency savings efforts, and other ways you impact lives in your neighborhood.
  • More than a customer. A partner. This headline helps you focus on business partnerships and efforts to support local growth.
  • More than a number. A promise. Have scholarship programs or other youth-sponsored activities? Use this headline to show your commitment to local needs not only today, but for future generations.

Each public power utility is unique. That’s why we created three different headlines. Use them all, or use one or two that make the most sense for your consumers.

We will feature these headlines and supporting testimonials on print ads, social media messages, banner art, and more. Since a local message looks best when it uses the faces and names of people in your community, we are providing layered PDFs and InDesign files for the artwork.

The templates are a free benefit for Ruralite and NWPPA members. Need help customizing the content or ordering supplies? Let us know. With a team of designers and editors, Ruralite can help you further customize and get the most out of this initiative. After all, this is more than a campaign. It’s a mission.

Put your stamp on the materials. Make them your own. Need help? Ruralite’s here for you. It is our goal to help you engage your consumers as we work together to show how we are #MorePowerfulTogether.

To work with Ruralite to customize the templates for your utility, contact Kathi VanderZanden.

Webinar: October 11

The materials will be available in early October. NWPPA’s hosting a webinar to help you get more out of the materials on October 11 at 2 pm PDT. Register or learn more about the webinar. Problems? Contact Brenda Dunn.

Learn More

We shared a preview of this research-supported effort on our blog last month. You can read the Showing Consumers Why Public Power Matters post, or go straight to the More Powerful Together website to get the latest updates about this powerful partnership. Have an idea for a tool you would like to see added to the project? Let Kathi know, or leave a comment on this blog post.